I have a great pleasure to inform you that Poland became the Concept eValuate Hub for widely defined Central Eastern Europe. From the business point of view this is unique opportunity which enables us to deliver the best quality results and support your business with regional and local insights in a more cost efficient way than ever before.

Mateusz Kosmala
Managing Consultant
TNS Polska

Key facts

Competitive price,
adjusted to the cost level of similar projects in the CEE region


Experienced team of researchers and analysts. Ready to train innovation leaders and IPD/NPD professionals

Extensive experience as analytical centre for global projects and clients based global protocols Specialized in advanced analytical segmentations

CEE context
Deep understanding of CEE
+ markets characteristics (both clients/ categories needs and research requirements)

4 steps of cooperation

Proposal support
Research design consulting (cubicles system, sample, rates, standards)


Research project
Notification to the analytical centre; filling in the Confirmation Form with dates and Project Builder with a description of the study
3.    Results delivery in ASCII (according to the scheme provided by the CeV HUB EN – data map)
4.    CeV HUB sends back an excel file with the outcomes and "work in progress" file for charting tool to generate ppt raport
The file is accompanied by the preliminary discussion of the main results (important things during analysis)


CEE Concept eValuate hub core team

Mateusz Kosmala
Managing Consultant
TNS Polska
t: +48 22 598 97 26
m: +48 694 93 50 96


Joanna Ciecieląg
MSC Manager
TNS Polska
e: joanna.ciecielag@tnsglobal.com
t: +48 22 598 99 68


Jacek Dohnalik
Consulting Director
TNS Polska
t: +48 22 598 99 69
m: +48 661 975 138


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